Training departments have value. In most cases, however, organizations don’t see or recognize that value. Most often, this is because training departments tend to be detached from the rest of the organization, misunderstood in practice, or simply considered an afterthought. Therefore, the training team must proactively demonstrate their value and importance to senior management. This is exactly the scenario The Nature Conservancy’s Technology Learning Center found itself in four years ago.

Using a case study approach, participants in this session will learn how one team overcame the no-value perception by making itself more visible throughout the entire organization, and subsequently grew by 80%. You will participate in interactive activities to assess your own situation and begin developing your own visibility programs.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to begin assessing your current situation
  • How to begin drafting a new team mission and vision
  • How to expand your team’s scope and services
  • How to communicate this new role and mission within your organization
  • How to expand your business and bring more value to your organization