Instructional Design (ID) focuses specifically on meeting learning needs, yet learning often isn't the only or the best solution. Our analysis needs to look to a broader need and take into account a more realistic view of human capabilities, how we act in the world, and how we solve problems. Our systems and solutions, then, also need to reflect this new way of thinking.

In this session, we will step back from the learning perspective and examine the broader context of performance and the ways humans actually act in the world. Looking at new models of learning, action, and more, we will talk about systematic steps to place ID in context, about serving more learners than the ones we serve now, and about how we tie these disparate concepts together. We will discuss "workscapes" and the role for ID in the era of increasing change.

In this session you will learn:

  • Why ID is not sufficient
  • How cognitive scientists are thinking about performance
  • What new system architectures we should be thinking about
  • How to re-contextualize ID in the era of “working smarter”