First Things Even Faster: Strategies for Analysis in a Technology-rich World

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Thought Leaders Webinar Series - November 17, 2009

Allison Rossett

Allison Rossett & Associates

Economic stress is boosting the uses of technology for learning and performance. That’s a good thing, right? It certainly can be. Or, when the programs miss the mark and employees resist, it can be a bad thing. In the past, instructors sharpened classroom offerings when participants tuned out. But what of online programs? Nobody is there to fix it. That’s where analysis comes in. Through performance analysis we look anew at the work, the worker, and the workplace to develop and deliver the right programs to the right people in the right ways. What is analysis? How do we do it in ways that help enhance decisions about focus, priorities, and delivery mix? What questions do we ask? How does the likelihood of technology delivery alter our analysis? What roles might technology play in gathering data? This session focuses on these questions, and introduces the new edition of Allison’s award-winning book, First Things Fast: A Handbook for Performance Analysis.

In this session, Allison will:

  • Define analysis, emphasizing what we do to prepare for programs that rely on technology
  • Identify key questions to ask and sources to tap
  • Look at ways that technology helps us with analysis
  • Test-drive these approaches with a typical request like, “We want to take this four-day class and put it online. We’re thinking virtual classroom. When can you get that ready to go?”


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