Have you ever wondered why tabbing may be important in online training materials? Or how to write “inclusive” text?

This session focuses on designing accessible and inclusive eLearning to improve the experience for all learners—and avoid the need for costly, time-consuming “fixes.” Our focus on accessibility goes beyond the basics of alt text and screen reader accessibility to share a cross-platform view of what features are available, what is essential, and how to ensure that all learners can participate fully. We will discuss considerations for choosing new software and platforms for creating and sharing eLearning and explore ways to verify that our content is accessible.

You will leave this session with:

  • A deeper understanding of the impact of accessible and inclusive content on all learners
  • A checklist of accessibility considerations
  • A list of questions to ask when considering a new platform or software tool
  • Answers to your questions about designing accessible and inclusive eLearning


Session Video