Creating an inclusive culture—one where all people can work, learn, and thrive—is an essential element of improving accessibility and diversity in your organization. It’s a process that requires ongoing attention, starting with fostering and nurturing psychological safety.

In this session, we’ll define key concepts such as diversity and power imbalances, microaggressions, implicit bias, and social identities. We’ll provide guidance on handling issues when they arise and describe strategies for employees to learn and use when they experience or witness incidents that compromise a colleague’s psychological safety. From there, we’ll delve into what L&D teams can do to create a culture of inclusivity and psychological safety throughout the organization.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What psychological safety is and how it enables an inclusive culture
  • How L&D can foster an anti-bias, inclusive, and diverse workplace culture
  • Strategies to guide your team and learners across the company to appropriate responses to issues that harm psychological safety

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