You are invited on an adventure to uncover the history of learning games, discover how to leverage the ideas, insights and innovations from earlier games into your own design of games, and have some fun in the process. A game doesn't become a classic by happenstance. It takes good design, attention to detail, and a careful examination of game elements. These items separate a so-so instructional game from a game that makes a lasting impact. Learn what those elements are and how you can use them in your own learning game design. You'll leave this session with a new understanding of the methodology required to create interactive, engaging experiences for your learners. And, you'll even play a game or two in the process.

In this session you will learn:

  • How much interaction, fun, and learning occurs while participating in a game-based learning experience
  • Three game elements that can be added to the design of online instruction
  • How to create engagement by leveraging techniques from classic learning games
  • Why game-based learning can be more effective than traditional instruction


Session Video