In this session, you'll learn how to ask stakeholders the right questions to help you plan impactful, meaningful trainings that get results. No more canned, one-and-done passive presentations that have participants rolling their eyes. Truly improve performance and meet the specific needs of learners using our tips for success. You'll learn to investigate organizational needs, integrate training into real-time on-the-job situations, and give people the tools they need to move forward in their careers. We will demonstrate how to identify performance gaps and design trainings that get results your stakeholders can see. You'll get planning templates and other tools to take with you. We will also take you through our four-part formula to make trainings stick. You'll learn how to use flipped videos, integrated assignments, employee self-reflection, and direct report one-on-ones. You'll leave with a renewed purpose in tackling training requests. Let us help you shine as an L&D professional through this fun, practical training.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How instructional models are applied to virtual learning
  • How taking a blended learning approach makes a successful virtual program
  • Tips and templates to engage stakeholders
  • Integrate training into on-the-job performance


Session Video