Using VR to Create a Psychologically Safe Space for Learning

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Learning Science in the Real World Online Conference 2022 - April 7, 2022

Amy Lou Abernethy

Co-Founder and Creative Director of Learning
AMP Creative

Learning can come with costly mistakes. Whether learners are expanding their understanding of diversity and inclusion or working in hazardous environments, on-the-job missteps can damage relationships or even cause injury. How do we create space for learning while still protecting individuals from dangerous repercussions?

Virtual reality is one solution. In this session, you’ll explore how VR can enable your learners to have tough conversations, tackle risky situations, and enter dangerous landscapes. We’ll examine several case studies of VR training in action across the globe. These examples will demonstrate how VR training can positively impact trust and personal safety. Then, we’ll work through a framework for identifying opportunities in your workplace where you can reduce risk.

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