Where do you find inspiration for designing online training content?

In this session, we will embark upon a quest to seek out and curate new and interesting sources of inspiration for crafting your learning content—especially those found in unexpected or less-traditional places. As well, we’ll define what causes them to hold appeal and explore possible ways they might be used in your work. Then, we will deconstruct some of the inspiration sources to analyze how they might work to change things up in your learning resources.

During this session, you will:

  • View several sources of inspiration—in expected and unexpected places
  • Deconstruct a few of the inspiration sources, into their component parts
  • Examine ways of keeping a design inspiration “scrapbook”
  • Explore ways of crafting samples for future use

We hope that you will leave this session with a renewed interest in changing up your approaches when crafting your learning content.


Session Video