Too often, training can be perceived by our audience as boring, obligatory, and one-dimensional—a dump truck of information that fails to move or motivate in any substantial way. We must find a way to move the heart and mind of the person behind the employee badge and spark their dormant curiosity.

This session takes a guided journey into the ancient art of storytelling, exploring its role in learning experience design. Being a great communicator or trainer means more than relaying relevant and timely information. We will explore essential components of a story—characters, goals, lessons, and the ability to bridge between what is and what could be. We’ll also examine examples of effective storytelling in a variety of recent learning design projects.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to help your audience imagine future states of business
  • How to communicate essence of ideas
  • How to motivate and inspire your team
  • How to elicit emotions that fuel their desire to change and improve

Session Video