Learning leaders are feeling pressure to embrace microlearning, both from operational leaders and from the employees they train. Microlearning uses employees' time judiciously and can foster continuous learning, so of course learning leaders want to offer more shorter-form and on-demand content. But oftentimes they don't know where it can most effectively fit into their learning ecosystem. Even more importantly, they don't know how to create motivation to get learners to engage with microlearning programs that are not required.

In this session, we'll look at four primary use cases for microlearning and show real examples of each being used successfully in organizations. Then we'll begin to develop your vision for where it can fit into your learning ecosystem. You'll consider your performance objectives and the four use cases to identify places where microlearning could have a valuable impact on your organization. Finally, we will consider learner motivation for continuous learning and discuss strategies to engage learners in a consistent and sustained way with microlearning programs. You'll leave this session with ideas for where microlearning can have a strategic value in your organization and how to get learners to engage with it!

In this session, you will learn:

  • Where microlearning can make the greatest impact in your learning ecosystem
  • Four use cases for microlearning
  • How to encourage continuous learning in your learning ecosystem
  • How to motivate learners to consume microlearning content


Session Video