As a small private fitness facility, Wholistic Revolution could easily rely on the primary mode of 1:1 instruction for procedure, form, and safety of its equipment...instruction that is the same every time and tends to feel monotonous and rehearsed the 50 or 60th time the trainer has recited it. There must be a better way! What if that private fitness facility could create and implement a whole new way to teach procedure, form, and safety? What if they could quickly be the ONLY gym in the metropolitan area with this new way of learning? And what if that new way was radically fun and techy?

In this case study session, you'll learn about how Wholistic Revolution implemented AR to create a fun and effective way to learn about gym equipment and fitness topics. You'll find out how this small facility created an AR experience for clients that was engaging, informative, and fun! You'll learn how they used AR combined with weekly newsletters to make regular communication interactive and interesting and how they used AR to showcase products and services to potential customers. You'll leave the session with lessons learned from how Wholistic Revolution uses AR to enhance learning for clients and customers, and ideas for how you can use AR at your own organization.


Session Video