One of the critical challenges of administering compliance training is the difficulty of reaching all mandatory participants without adding friction to the workflow. Logistics such as lack of training time or workstations make it even harder. In fact, sometimes this challenge is so significant that the actual quality and effectiveness of training decreases. Chatbots are an interesting solution because they can deliver an easy conversational experience that can reach participants via a mobile phone or a web browser. With a conversational training experience, one can more effectively mitigate the obstacles of limited training time, limited access, and limited data.

In this session, you'll learn how and why chatbots present a formidable solution to the traditional deficiencies of compliance training. You learn how chatbots interact at the pace of the participant and see example interactions where a chatbot can hold a conversation about a compliance topic. Finally, you’ll learn how a chatbot can both deliver compliance training and track compliance reporting requirements.

Please Note: During the session, a demonstration was conducted using a chatbot via SMS message and Facebook messenger. These chatbots were only for the live session and are currently disabled and will not send content.