Mobile devices have become a ubiquitous part of, and essential tool in, nearly everyone’s personal and business lives. But what’s on the horizon, given that the device/OS wars are over and mobile is heading toward an aptly named “GAFA” (Google-Apple-Facebook-Amazon) tech landscape? How will enabling technologies like voice recognition—such as Siri, Google Now, and Alexa—impact the learning environment for mobile workers? And why are some mobile devices getting smaller and smarter (e.g., smart watches, smart glasses, wireless earbuds) while others are getting bigger (e.g., handsets, phablets, tablets)?

In this session, you will explore: how mobile is best suited to deliver training and support to workers today; how to plan for tomorrow; and the unique affordances of mobility that can impact the way you prepare, enable, and support your learners. Finally, you will review a variety of traditional and unexpected use cases that clearly demonstrate how mobile can support broad training requirements and accelerate organizational performance.