Due to growth into multiple campus locations and the growing remote workforce, many companies are experiencing the need to conduct virtual training. For much of this training, a virtual classroom like Adobe Connect is fine—but what about when conducting hands-on systems training? Most companies require training employees in how to use administration systems and other complex process-driven courses that require close facilitator support. But stopping a class to help learners figure out where they are and helping them get where they need to be can bring a class to a grinding halt, often causing other learners’ engagement to dwindle.

This case-study session will demonstrate how, using a reasonably priced tool called TeamViewer, facilitators are able to monitor what their remote learners are doing in class, and quickly “take the wheel” and assist the learner, all without disturbing the subject-matter expert presenting.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to monitor a class of five to 15 remote participants using a combination of Adobe Connect and TeamViewer
  • How to assist learners engaged in systems training when no instructor is physically present
  • How to observe and assess individual learner engagement
  • How to determine the intake tempo of individual learners for future reference

Intermediate and advanced designers, developers, managers, and other facilitators and producers who have basic experience delivering virtual learning using Adobe Connect, WebEx, or similar platforms.