Mobile computing continues to explode as consumers’ adoption rate of mobile devices increases significantly. How do we create and implement a strategy to capitalize on this and other new and emerging technology platforms? Many organizations are interested in walking this path, but they struggle with knowing how to get started. Knowing what the audience wants, whether to build or buy, and how to fund the project are just a few of the strategic questions that organizations face.

In this case-study session you will learn about the evolution of mobile technology at Georgia Regents University, a public comprehensive-research university. The university pioneered mobile technology in 2009, and has since created numerous mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices targeted at multiple audiences. You will learn best practices for mobile learning on topics such as reference utilities, virtual simulations, enhancing eBooks with multimedia, and teaching apps. You will gain an understanding of how to create an innovative mobile strategy and development team.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The desires of the mobile learner and consumer, focusing on mobility, ubiquity, and gaming
  • Elements and requirements of a successful mobile strategy
  • Design and development considerations for a successful mobile-app development project
  • How to determine if you should build or buy
  • How to understand the ROI on mobile-development programs
  • Best practices for a mobile-development program
  • How to build a mobile-development team

Novice through advanced designers, developers, project managers, managers, and directors.