With mobile learning (mLearning) increasingly gaining buzz in organizations, instructional designers—especially eLearning designers—are searching for ways to build their mLearning-design skill sets. There are significant differences between designing for mLearning and for eLearning, but many instructional designers are unaware of what those differences are, let alone how to approach design for mobile devices. It can be overwhelming to not even know where to start!

In this session, you will experiment with online tools that can help you practice better mLearning design. Not only will you explore (conceptually) how to approach mLearning design, but you will also learn about a variety of tools that can support you in each step of an mLearning-design workflow.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why mLearning design is so important
  • Applications to use for mapping your mLearning content
  • Great tools for wireframing your mLearning projects
  • How to build a basic mLearning prototype

Audience: Instructional designers interested in mLearning design


Session Video