Many organizations, business divisions, and project teams could benefit greatly by offering performance-support solutions for their customers, stakeholders, or end users. Many of these groups, however, are neither prepared to spend money on a commercial performance-support tool, nor expert enough to marshal the resources required to build one. These groups could use a platform for building performance support that is cost-effective, versatile, and integrates easily with the corporate CRM, LMS, and ERP systems, or plain old intranet.

Participants in this session will see real-world examples of performance-support systems built using the open-source WordPress content management system (CMS). From a $30 million software company to a $1 billion clothing manufacturer, these examples will illustrate how companies and distributor networks of all sizes—and even project teams—have put WordPress to work for them with relative ease.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why WordPress has become the dominant open-source content management system on the web today
  • How organizations—including many Fortune 500 companies—are using WordPress as an internal performance-support platform
  • Some of the ways WordPress, as a performance-support platform, can integrate with other corporate systems such as LMSs, CRMs, ERPs, and intranets
  • How to determine whether WordPress might be a viable alternative for your next performance-support initiative
  • How you can learn more about WordPress and its capabilities

Intermediate-level participants should have experience helping to select, build, or implement a corporate performance-support system or blended-learning program.