IntelligentHome is a new, cutting-edge, wireless security and home-management solution offered by Time Warner Cable (TWC). Most TWC employees are accustomed to selling, installing, and providing care for the company's other core products, such as Internet and TV, but with the rollout of IntelligentHome, employees need to learn how to sell a new and complex product. IntelligentHome comprises dozens of different components and types of devices, with new component rollouts and device updates releasing every week. This makes companywide classroom training unrealistic; TWC has employees across the country, including door-to-door sales reps and installation technicians, who are often in the field and are difficult to convene for traditional training sessions.

Audience analysis revealed that all TWC employees had a mobile device of some kind, representing an opportunity to reach everyone with just-in- time training regardless of where they were located. A mobile solution could provide a variety of training and performance-support elements on the job, including videos and job aids, and by having a mobile-performance-support solution, TWC could push content updates out to the field much more quickly than traditional training methods. Participants in this case-study session will see a demo of TWC's mobile-performance-support tool, and explore the questions and issues TWC needed to answer and resolve before development could begin.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The key audience-analysis questions for determining if mobile performance support is needed
  • The advantages of mobile-performance-support tools
  • The challenges of planning and designing for multiple platforms and devices
  • Design strategies for multiple platforms and devices

Novice, intermediate, and advanced learning professionals—including designers, developers, project managers, managers, directors, VPs, and CLOs—with a general knowledge of tablets and mobile applications and devices.