It’s no longer in question: mLearning is real. The question now is how to make it a success. Some basic issues continue to plague mLearning, including the nature of mLearning, mLearning design principles, the integration of mLearning into the workplace, and success factors. How do you keep from making the emerging mistakes?

The way to drive mLearning success is by design: having the right models and strategy, coupled with an awareness of misconceptions and alternatives. mLearning is a serious opportunity, and you want to get it right. mLearning is not a step—it’s a journey—and preparation and awareness are the key components to making mLearning valuable.

Participants in this session will review the inherent nature of mLearning to guide your thinking about what is, and what is not, mLearning. You’ll examine the larger picture of organizational performance to see ways you can design mLearning into practice. You’ll also review barriers, explore solutions, and learn common mistakes and other things to avoid.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Barriers to mLearning and the ways to break through
  • Common mistakes people make with mLearning
  • New ways to think about mLearning design
  • How mLearning enables formal learning