Many people considering mobile learning (mLearning) haven’t seen enough examples of mLearning. The 2012 eLearning Guild research report, Mobile Learning: The Time Is Now, listed the lack of examples as one of the barriers to mLearning adoption.

To help overcome this barrier, the 2013 eLearning Guild research report, How Mobile Learning Is Done: Nine Case Studies from Around the World, sought out and reported on mLearning case studies from around the world and presented a variety of technologies and solutions to provide ideas for practitioners considering their own mLearning projects. Participants in this session will learn about this report and its implications, and discuss what you can learn and use from these cases.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Myriad ways that organizations have implemented mLearning
  • How some organizations have successfully adopted game approaches for mLearning
  • How some organizations are using mobile to offer performance support
  • What responsive design looks like in practice, and when organizations have chosen to use mobile web vs. native applications
  • Key success strategies organizations have adopted for their mLearning
  • mLearning “gotchas” to avoid