How do you design self-paced eLearning programs that don’t bore people to tears? How do you sustain students’ attention in an eLearning course when they can be checking their email, perusing Facebook, or flying paper airplanes across their cubicle walls? Designers of self-paced eLearning often start with a mound of content handed to them by a well-meaning subject matter expert, and this content drives the design instead of driving it by the human beings who actually need to learn something. You need ways to engage and connect with learners so they successfully absorb the content.

Participants in this session will see that engaging and connecting is not about designing “clicky-clicky, bling-bling” interactivities that excite and thrill while distracting learners in very non-productive ways. Instead, you’ll explore simple and interactive ways—and lots of examples—of presenting content that sustain a learner’s interest, keep the focus on outcomes and what they need to DO, and don’t blow your budget with high-end ideas that require loads of cash and hours of development time.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Three tips for designing meaningful interactivity
  • Simple strategies for writing content that speaks to the learner
  • Ideas for capturing—and sustaining—a learner’s attention throughout an eLearning program