In recent years, smartphones and tablets have created a pressing need for a web-development language that allows educational content to be accessible on all devices. With Adobe’s announcement that it will no longer develop the Flash Player for mobile devices, some people are predicting the end of Flash entirely. Do the promises of HTML5’s capabilities for educational simulations and games mean Flash has seen its day?

Participants in this session will analyze the technical benefits and limitations of programming simple games and simulations using Flash and HTML5 in real scenarios. A survey of tools and software trends will illuminate how you can best align client demands with technical capabilities, and you’ll gain the knowledge to select the best mode for your simulation and game development.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to thrive as a simulation and/or game developer in an increasingly mobile world by using the right technology
  • Three reasons why developers are choosing HTML5 over Flash
  • Three strategies for selecting a mode of development
  • The role video and performance-support tools play in the HTML5 vs. plugin discussion