Mobile learning is on many learning organizations’ to-do lists, and why not? Who wouldn’t want to provide learning that follows your learners everywhere? But like so many emerging technologies, we need to look past the gloss of the possible to the reality of the useful. When we deliver learning to a mobile device the same way we deliver it to a desktop computer, we miss the point of having a mobile device to begin with. People “learn” from their mobile devices all the time; they just don’t call it training. We need to look not at what we can teach people on a mobile device, but rather how we can use mobile devices to provide information to help them perform better.

Participants in this session will move past the hype and misinformation surrounding mobile learning, and focus on how this technology can help the workforce become more effective. You’ll explore why most mobile learning is ineffective, and why mobile content needs to be rethought based on how people use mobile devices. You’ll then examine how performance-support best practices adapt extremely well to mobile devices, and review three mobile performance-support solutions already in use.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to create a mobile strategy that supports performance rather than learning
  • Why adapting conventional learning paradigms to mobile devices is ineffective
  • How adults use mobile devices
  • How you can use mobile technology effectively for performance support
  • Reusable strategy and design models for creating effective mobile performance