While eLearning is no longer in its infancy, the broad conversations and debates about best tools, best practices, and best approaches reveal unanswered questions about the best ways to develop eLearning. Too often, organizations take the shotgun approach with both content and design: The more, the better! But more content and design doesn’t necessarily mean more learning. Instructional designers need clear, actionable techniques that maximize learner engagement and minimize wasted development time on frills that do not support improved outcomes.

Participants in this session will learn tips for effective eLearning design based on feedback from customers and best practices from the more than 260 content developers in the OpenSesame marketplace.  OpenSesame is working to synthesize this information into a set of design guidelines to support improved content worldwide. For example, course developer ej4 uses video in both traditional and mobile courses to help clients achieve compliance and sales goals. You’ll examine their guidelines for designing for mobile and using video, with examples of courses that worked for ej4’s clients. In another example, you’ll explore Art Kohn’s view on the cognitive science behind using interaction strategically in video.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Strategies for simplifying eLearning content
  • How to divide eLearning content into manageable “chunks”
  • How to incorporate media elements to keep online learners’ attention