Forward-thinking training organizations continually seek ways to standardize the development of their deliverables using best practices in audience and content analysis, instructional design, quality review, implementation, and evaluation. These organizations also seek ways to effectively organize, manage, and communicate this process and documentation. If you are working with a large number of subject matter experts (SMEs) who need to design content, or with a training department that consists of more than a couple of people, someone in your organization should be actively managing your templates, standards, and guidelines.

Participants in this session will explore how to develop and clearly communicate your own organization’s instructional design standards and best practices. You’ll gain ideas on how to design and implement a world-class website that serves as a comprehensive instructional-design model and repository of resources for designing and delivering quality training content. Through a demonstration of SAP’s Path to Excellence website, you’ll see a successful example of communicating an instructional-design process, organizing the documentation, and keeping the training organization engaged.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to communicate the need for training standardization and best practices within your organization
  • How to develop standards for your training deliverables
  • How to organize and manage your training best practices, standards, templates, and so on in a web-based environment
  • How to communicate your instructional-design process and best practices, templates, and so on to your subject matter experts and fellow designers