Several factors are changing how work gets done: the pandemic, the move to remote-first work, social injustice, and generational shifts. Our role as learning leaders must change in response—broadening to include everything from teaching leaders empathy to redefining company values. It's all about Agile design: learning leaders need to shift into a more human-centered consultative role that delivers quick results.

This interactive session consists of a series of questions to spark discussion among attendees. We'll use research and case studies to explore the questions. You will leave this session with new commitments on how you, as a learning leader, can make an impact.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How the workforce is changing and the impact that has on what employees need from the learning team

  • The new 'face' of learning leadership that address the changing needs of the workforce

  • Best practices on how to lead an Agile team of learning consultants, designers, and developers

Session Video