The COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost every company
around the globe, requiring learning organizations to pivot in ways many of us
never expected. While the distribution of vaccines has provided a much-needed
view into a post-pandemic world, it brings with it entirely new challenges.
What will the new normal look like, and how do we begin to prepare for it?

We have invited four senior learning executives to discuss these
challenges and explore how we can proactively lead our organizations into the
new normal. We will examine the critical role that learning will play in
reintegrating people into post-pandemic workflows, and how to build strategies
that can accommodate the unknowns of unchartered territory. Join us for an
important conversation exploring the important role learning leaders will play
in shaping and supporting what comes next.

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All Contributors

Edward Brice

Director, Allstate

Suzi Dunford

Senior Vice President Learning & Talent Development, First Citizens Bank

Karen Kocher

Global General Manager, Talent & Learning Experiences and Workforce/Workplace of the Future, Microsoft

Frank Nguyen

Learning Executive