In Learning Leaders: A Day in the Life, Jane Bozarth uncovers what a day in the life of L&D professionals looks like; interviewing five of them about how they develop staff, their hiring process, challenges like evaluating outcomes, and aspects of their job that they feel would be most valued by aspiring leaders. 

Download this report to get exclusive insight from real learning leaders on what it is like to be an L&D manager, advice they share about working in this field, how they have adjusted to changes from COVID-19, and so much more.

Watch our highlights video for this report, which includes interviews with five L&D professionals who share advice about advancing in the field of L&D.


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In this research report, Jane Bozarth interviews five L&D managers who work in a variety of settings; from a family-owned business to a platform with two million users. They discuss what a day in their life is like, and share tips that they feel would be valuable to aspiring leaders.

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