The Making Learning Stick Online Conference

In our day-to-day work, it’s easy to focus so much on efficiency and tools that we sometimes forget about the unique needs of the people we’re creating solutions for. How can we make sure we don’t lose sight of their unique contexts so that the learning experiences we give them are reflective of their real-world situations?

The Making Learning Stick Online Conference examines the learner’s perspective in L&D. You will explore how the learning solutions we build impact and account for motivations, unique situations, experiences, beliefs, attitudes, and prior understanding. Join us as we look at how we can better accommodate the needs of our learners, while we simultaneously address the needs of our organizations.

Build More Reflective Learning Experiences

Sessions at the Making Learning Stick Online Conference will focus on the learners' perspectives and how we can design learning solutions that cater to their unique situations, motivations, beliefs, attitudes, and prior knowledge.

Highlights Include:

Industry Experts Share Tips for Designing More Reflective Learning Solutions

Hear from eight industry leaders who will provide new insights into how you can create and design real-world situational learning. Sessions will help you better understand the trainee's perspective, and will guide your strategies to better accommodate the needs of your organization and learners.

Diane Elkins
Artisan E-Learning and E-Learning Uncovered

Nick Floro
Learning Architect & CEO
Sealworks Interactive Studios

Jonathan Halls
Trainer Mojo

Mike Taylor

Christy Tucker
Learning Design Consultant
Syniad Learning

Laura van den Ouden
Expert Trainers

Danielle Wallace
Chief learning strategist
Beyond the Sky

Emma Weber
CEO & Founder

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