Leverage Marketing in Your L&D

The role of marketing within an organization is to develop understanding of a target audience and deliver information in a way that changes their behavior. This in many ways mirrors the goals we have in L&D. There’s a great deal of research and proven practices in the marketing realm that the learning and development industry can draw from and leverage.  

At the Learning from Marketing Summit, you’ll discover tried-and-true insights from marketing that can help you better understand your audience and target practical solutions to their needs.  

Improve Your L&D with Marketing Insight

Leaders from both L&D and marketing will share tips on how to enhance your solutions with knowledge and research from the marketing industry. You will explore the opportunities that exist within the two fields and learn practical marketing approaches that you can apply to training and development efforts.  

Highlights Include:

A Few Things L&D Should Steal from Marketing, with Mike Taylor

Discover free and low-cost tools and techniques that marketers have been successfully using for years to capture attention and move people to take action.

Using Advertisers’ Secrets to Create Compelling Videos, with Danielle Wallace

If advertisements can influence people to purchase items they don’t need, are there ways to use this field’s secrets to influence learners?

Leveraging Marketing Experiences for L&D , with Ning Zhang

Explore how marketers have been able to fulfill Maslow’s hierarchy of needs more effectively than educators have.

Use Marketing Techniques to Better Understand Your Audience

Over the course of two days, experts from the marketing and L&D industries will discuss the key approaches and practical ideas that marketing offers to L&D. You’ll discover what marketing can teach us about better understanding our audience, crafting content that attracts and keeps people’s attention, taking a campaign approach, and more.

Judy Albers
Principal Consultant, Learning Experience Design
Intrepid Learning

Bianca Baumann
Director, Education Services

David Kelly
Executive Vice President and Executive Director
The eLearning Guild

David Swaddle
Principal Consultant
Learning Plan

Mike Taylor
Director of Learning Technology
Mindset Digital

Danielle Wallace
Learning Director
Beyond the Sky

Ning Zhang
Global Business Marketing Training Lead

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§  Discover free and low-cost tools and techniques that marketers have been successfully using for years to capture attention and move people to take action.

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