KEYNOTE: Lessons Learned from Early AR and VR Adopters

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Realities360 2017 Conference & Expo - July 28, 2017

Marco Faccini

Chief Commercial Officer and CLO
Immerse Learning

Clyde Matava

Director of Anesthesia Innovation, Informatics and Technology
Hospital for Sick Children

Kate Pasterfield

Chief Innovation Officer

Chad Udell

Chief Strategy Officer

AR, VR, and enhanced reality technologies are truly disruptive. The potential of these technologies isn’t just to enhance the work of L&D professionals; the real potential lies in doing something different and viewing your work through a different lens. If you want to harness the potential of these technologies, you need to see the work you do differently. In this closing panel, you will hear from early adopters of these technologies. You’ll learn from their successes, their failures, and the surprises they discovered along the way. They will discuss the path that the industry is forging, and debate whether the L&D field is headed in the right direction or whether it needs to shift course. This panel will put what you’ve learned at Realities360 into context, preparing you to blaze your own trail of discovery as you return to work.

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