Moments after a performance support solution has been introduced, it is quite possible that it contains irrelevant or inaccurate information due to the constant state of change businesses are experiencing in technology, policy, and process. A core tenet of performance support is that it is immediately helpful. Often, it takes just one irrelevant or inaccurate experience to cause a user to abandon a performance support solution permanently.

In this session, you will learn strategies and tactics to help you successfully plan for and implement a sustainment strategy for your performance support solutions, including the areas of design and development, business process, roles and resources, and governance. Learn how the successful sustainment of a performance support solution starts with careful planning and continues through thoughtful management, sound business process, and effective governance until the end of the solution’s life span, often measured in years.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Tips for designing solutions that are easier to sustain
  • How to develop a long-term business process focused on sustainment
  • About roles and resources necessary for effective sustainment
  • Concepts to establish a governance model that supports sustainment

Intermediate designers, project managers, and directors.


Session Video