Technological advancements have historically been minimally disruptive to training. While the new technologies have affected the ways in which we can deliver and consume content, they have not radically altered the foundational methodologies that learning and performance solutions are built upon. The addition of mobile technologies continued this trend, with the process of adapting existing content design and development practices often being referred to as mLearning. But mobile technology is about much more than eLearning on a phone. In this closing panel we will explore the true potential of mobile in the workplace and how the unique affordances of this technology enables us to provide powerful contextual learning opportunities and supply performance support to workers in ways we have not been able to in the past.

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Megan McKee

Senior Manager of Operations Training, Rent-A-Center

Frank Nguyen

Learning Executive

Allison Rossett

Principal, Allison Rossett & Associates

Geoff Stead

Senior Director, Mobile Learning, Qualcomm