Storyline and the iPad: A Case Study

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Learning Solutions Conference & Expo 2013 - March 14, 2013

Eric Hoopengardner

Sr. Product Training Specialist
JLG Industries

Desirée Pinder

Executive Director
Artisan E-Learning

People have talked about mLearning for years … mostly theoretically. But now it’s a reality, so it’s time to talk about what it really takes to make it happen. Designing for a mobile device such as an iPad is different than designing for the desktop, and you must account for those differences in every single phase of a project’s lifecycle.

Participants in this case-study session will examine JLG Industries’ project to present technical product knowledge content on an iPad. In 2012, JLG set out to create JLG University, which, among other things, will help rental companies provide better sales and service to their customers. The rental equipment companies are likely to be mobile: talking to customers on the sales floor, working with a client on-site to determine their needs, or troubleshooting a piece of equipment. Because of this, it was important that these courses are also mobile. In this session, you will learn about the detailed design decisions made to create these courses.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What course features do and don’t work on an iPad
  • How to design interface and interactive elements that are mobile friendly
  • How to work with legacy media that isn’t iPad-compatible (such as Flash animations)
  • How to test your courses effectively, even if you don’t have an iPad

Novice-to-advanced designers, developers, and project managers.


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