A large part of the work of the eLearning Guild staff involves understanding the work of the specialists who design, develop, and deliver technology-supported learning. Much of the time this means navigating a sea of trends and new ideas. But the value comes when we look deeper and into the future and offer content that goes beyond the basic skills and knowledge that have been around since the 1960s and form the fundamental layer of professional knowledge in this field we call (for lack of a better term) eLearning.

Last week, I asked about your strategy for 2020 and beyond. This week, I'm going to offer links to resources for going beyond. Here are your bookmarks for the most significant skills, knowledge, and concepts that will shape your career in the years to come.

Workflow learning

Research report: Learning In The Workflow

"Interactional Expertise Plays Key Role In Workflow Learning"

"Workflow Learning & Performance Support: Get Things Right"

Learning engineering

Research report: Learning Engineering: A Primer

"Learning Engineering and the Future of eLearning"

"Are You Doing Learning Engineering — Or Instructional Design?"

Extended reality and artificial intelligence

Research report: Augmented and Virtual Reality For Behavior Change

Research report: The Human Side of Technology

Research report: Artificial Intelligence Across Industries: Where Does L&D Fit?

"Getting Your Head Around Artificial Intelligence"

Your technical learning plan

Learn how to code.

"Your Technical Learning Plan"

Make yourself understood

"Can You Communicate With Senior Leaders In Their Language?"

Guild conferences and Learning Solutions

There are many other practitioner skills and competencies that are as fundamental to our trade as needs analysis, writing learning objectives, and designing assessments. Keep up with these by attending Guild conferences and reading Learning Solutions. Join your community, The eLearning Guild, to receive member benefits and significant registration discounts for events.

Learning Solutions Conference & Expo 2020: Orlando, Florida, March 31-April 2, 2020

2020 Realities360 Conference & Expo: Orlando, Florida, March 31-April 2, 2020

DevLearn 2020 Conference & Expo: Las Vegas, Nevada, October 21-23, 2020 (website link to come soon)

The eLearning Guild Online Conferences (open the link for the 2020 topics and schedule)

Learning Solutions, the official online publication of The eLearning Guild