Good books leave lasting impressions. Great books are not only highly memorable, but expand your mind and help you grow both personally and professionally.

In August 2021, The Learning Guild asked the L&D community to see which work-related books were the most impactful among experienced practitioners. Questions included:

  • What have you found useful in executing your work?
  • Which books do you still reference?
  • Are there any books that you found more influential that you feel contributed to your professional growth?

In The Book Report: Crowdsourced Favorites from L&D Practitioners, Jane Bozarth has combed through responses to these questions to identify which books were the most helpful, influential, and quotable among the Guild community. Respondents also provided the reasons behind why these books were so impactful for them. For those who are newer to the field, this report also includes suggestions that cover the basics surrounding specific L&D topics like instructional design.

Download this report for free today, and you might just find a book that will help you propel your career to the next level! Then let us know which books you’ve found really helpful by tweeting us @LearningGuild and using the hashtag #lrnbk.

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