In The Time Before The Pandemic, the last article of the year in Learning Solutions was an attempt to identify the top topics in the coming year. This year is different in so many ways for so many reasons that naming the Shiny Objects is not going to be an effective approach. Readers already know what the top topics are. What is needed is a strategy for choosing the right ones for your organization and situation.

In 2022 there are three areas for the attention of eLearning managers and instructional designers.

Keeping up

In times of transition, the essential activity for managers and designers is staying current with the needs of the business and of the employees. That means staying in touch with change and transitions in organizational strategy and with the effects of hybrid working on learning.


This area is dynamic and calls for continuous awareness and adjustment. Everyone who has traveled on an aircraft will remember the instructions: put your own oxygen mask on first. Managers need to assess the state of their own skills against the requirements of revised corporate strategies. After that, the next step is to determine priority adjustments to skill and knowledge for the employees.


Because of ongoing change and transitions, managers and designers need to step up their reading and communications relating to new developments in delivery, technology, and research. Fortunately, there are several new apps that will help with this activity.

Your source for these activities in 2022

In 2022, The Learning Guild will provide many resources for all of these activities.


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