The eLearning Guild has launched SpeakerChat, free access to previously recorded online presentations of popular and highly-rated Guild in-person sessions, and live videoconferences with the presenters. SpeakerChat features industry leaders from our major conference events, such as Learning Solutions, Realities360, and DevLearn. This unique combination gives you access to great conference sessions and a chance to connect with the speaker.

  • SpeakerChat is tailored to meet the needs of learning professionals who are working from home or who now have irregular hours.
  • Each video presentation has the subtopics indexed and time-stamped so learning professionals can access the video content according to their needs and interests.
  • In addition to the video presentation, The Guild will host a live, social chat session with the presenter on Zoom.

The first SpeakerChat on Zoom with a presenter is on April 17: “Creating Microlearning and More with PowerPoint”. The video recording (Richard Goring’s "Create Effective Microlearning in Record Time with PowerPoint”) is already open for free access, so you can watch it now.

Each SpeakerChat has two parts. The first part is a video recording of a session that was popular at a Guild conference, organized so that you can view it on your own schedule, in your own order. The second part, a few days later, is a live Q&A with the original speaker, hosted by one of The Guild event managers, Mark Britz or Bianca Woods. Mark and Bianca will take questions from the audience and add questions of their own that will dig in further on the themes and ideas from the recorded presentation. This format adds context and connection.

Recordings will be 45-60 minutes long. The Zoom Chat will be 30-60 minutes. The cost? Free.

SpeakerChat will alternate with GuildChat on Fridays from mid-April to June at 11 AM Pacific. One Friday will be SpeakerChat; the next will be GuildChat; and so on.

How does this work going forward?

SpeakerChats will cover a wide range of L&D topics. Every other Monday (from April 13 onward) The Guild will announce on the TWIST blog page the name of the upcoming speaker and topic; a link to the recording that will be highlighted; and provide a time-stamped list of all the important subtopics in the session recording. We invite everyone from The Guild community to watch the recording at their convenience during the week, and on Friday of that week at 11 AM Pacific, participate in an informal video chat with the speaker to discuss key points and answer specific questions about the session.

At the end of each SpeakerChat, we’ll announce the details of the next SpeakerChat. For example, at the end of the April 17th SpeakerChat we’ll announce the details for the May 1st SpeakerChat. This provides time to review the video recording before the live SpeakerChat.

While people who currently have an Online Conference Subscription have access to the full eLearning Guild library of session recordings at all times, we’ll temporarily be opening up access to the session recordings featured in SpeakerChat to everyone. So if you don’t have an Online Conference Subscription, you’ll still be able to get a peek at what they’re like.