Virtual learning platforms are more than just lectures with uploaded PowerPoints. With the right approaches, live virtual sessions can deliver meaningful and engaging learning experiences that will compel learners to participate.

Take your digital strategies to the next level at the Virtual Classrooms Online Conference, the free one-day online event that will cover how you can use instructional design to flip your classroom, which software programs are most efficient for your learning solutions, how you can better facilitate learners in the virtual space, and how you can bring all these elements together to deliver a successful session.

Here are a few of the things that you will learn:

  • Six key principles for successfully designing any virtual classroom platform
  • Similarities and differences between software platforms
  • Skills for engaging with online learners
  • Tips for managing the production process

Join The eLearning Guild on April 1 from 8:15a – 2:00p for this free online event, and get ready to transform your online learning experiences!