When you hear “compliance training,” what is your first thought? Do you automatically jump to feelings of frustration? Compliance training is never an easy topic, but it is a necessary one for most organizations.

At The eLearning Guild’s Compliance Training Summit, case studies, technology, and multiple strategies will be explored to uncover how this subject can be more engaging and useful to employees in today’s workforce. From utilizing technology—such as chatbots and virtual reality—to uncovering how companies effectively use strategies that speak to their audience, this Summit will refresh dull approaches to compliance training to establish more effective and appealing methods.

Here are just some of the topics that will be covered:

  • The core elements behind compliance behavior and training
  • How you can develop engaging compliance and ethics training following an example from Microsoft
  • Meaningful goals of compliance training and how you can measure them
  • How you can deliver engaging training with personalized methods
  • How chatbots could potentially provide solutions to today’s compliance training deficiencies

You can register for the event, or get an eLearning Guild Plus Package to access this and all summits for the next year, plus much more.