Raleigh, N.C. (Oct. 19, 2023) – Open LMS, a leading global provider of open-source learning management systems (LMSs), today announced the launch of its Open LMS Ecommerce Suite, which allows clients to develop marketable training courses to sell to organizations looking to upskill their workforce. This move comes as the professional development market is expected to grow 51% by 2029 with more employees seeking out opportunities to add more tools to their toolkit.

“Professional development experiences are at the top of nearly every employee’s wish list for their company, but organizations don’t always have the resources to develop and deliver their own courses from scratch to satisfy this need,” said Jeremy Schweitzer, senior product manager at Open LMS. “This recent addition to our service offerings helps bridge the gap for businesses that are looking for a solution to skill up their workforce by providing a flexible course and program catalog with integrated ecommerce capabilities to online learning instructors, who are already using Open LMS to develop engaging courses.”

The new ecommerce suite allows users to reliably deliver educational offerings to reach a wider audience of learners through features such as flexible product creation, custom access control and more. The open-source learning provider has long supported instructors to create effective and engaging online learning experiences, and the launch of this new suite can help creators reach a wider audience across multiple industries.

The Open LMS Ecommerce Suite creates a seamless approach to the cataloging and ecommerce of learning experiences. The features include:

  • Flexible Product Creation: From supplemental courses to face-to-face sessions and more, Open LMS provides endless possibilities in terms of content creation tied to specific learning outcomes.
  • Custom Access Control: To ensure control over offerings, the Ecommerce Suite allows individuals to apply restrictions on products and prices as well as define specific purchase requirements.
  • Uninterrupted Learning Paths: Optimizing learning outcomes means creating a distraction-free environment. Using the Open LMS Ecommerce Suite allows for a smooth learning process where learners can access products through a variety of resources.
  • Flexible Payment Options: Gives customers different payment options, including subscription-based, one-time and bulk payment allowing them to make decisions that best support them and their organizations.
  • Payment Provider Compatibility: An additional element to the Ecommerce Suite allows customers to integrate with a market-leader payment provider and use a null provider for testing purposes.

Open LMS’s new ecommerce offering comes on the heels of its expansion into the professional certification market to support programs for associations, as well as professional certification and training organizations, through a scalable online learning and assessment platform. With the streamlined approach to professional development training, practice and exams alongside ecommerce capabilities, content creators can seamlessly connect and empower learners in ways they have not before.

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