When considering the implementation of simulations in your learning experiences, it is important to understand the success factors, obstacles, and ways of improving simulation-based approaches. Simulations have proven to be efficient in supporting knowledge transfer and behavior change as they provide a safe environment for learners to see the consequences of their actions before bringing those actions into the world.

In Simulations: Success Factors, Jane Bozarth explores the benefits of simulation-based training, offers tips for successful strategies and overcoming obstacles, and discusses the rise of “serious games,” a growing subset within training simulations.

Here are just a few of the key highlights from the report:

  • Examples of real-world uses for simulations
  • Why simulations could help improve your training experiences
  • The main challenges that come with implementation and tips on how to overcome them
  • Additional readings to help you in your future research
  • And more!

Download the full research report now to see how simulations can enhance your training experiences by bridging the gap between theory and reality!

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