I read through a number of articles and blog posts each day as part of my ongoing professional development. Each week, I curate a few of my favorites, including a brief introduction explaining why I find the post valuable and recommend you read it.

Here’s a summary of this week’s content:

  • Tips on how to get buy-in from key stakeholders.
  • A practical application of ChatGPT for everyday learning
  • Examples of how AR & VR can support education and training
  • How to better support front-line leaders
  • A look at workflow learning through a non-L&D lens

Bridging the L&D to Business Gap: Gaining Buy-in from Stakeholders
Getting support from key stakeholders is one of the most important aspects of any learning program. Unfortunately, it can also be very difficult. This article by Sabrina Moore addresses some of the key challenges with getting stakeholder buy-in and provides a number of critical tips that will help you do it more effectively.

How to Use ChatGPT as an Example Machine
ChatGPT is an amazing tool that has taken the internet by storm. While the AI tool does some amazing things, how can it be used in the context of everyday learning? This article by by Chris Mah explores that question through the lens of one such example: using ChatGPT as an example machine.

Immersive Inspiration: Why Extended Reality Learning Holds Multi-Sector Potential
Augmented and virtual reality technologies continue to advance in both the consumer and enterprise markets, with learning being a significant sector of potential application. This article by Dmytro Spilka explores why immersive technologies are so powerful for learning, and shares specific examples of how they can be used in education and training.

Creating Leadership Training for the Front Line: A Case-Study
Leadership training too often focuses on the senior-most leaders of an organization. In practice, the leaders on the front-line frequently need that support the most. This article by Erin Donovan shares a case study that explores why front-line leaders are so critical, and how to build an effective plan to support them.

How to Help Your Team Learn in the Flow of Work
I always find it interesting when I see L&D articles on mainstream sites. This article by Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis explains the concept of workflow learning and the value it can drive for an organization. I see this article as interesting not only for its content but for the audience it is written for.

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