I read several articles and blog posts daily as part of my ongoing professional development. Each week, I curate a few of my favorites, including a brief introduction explaining why I find the post valuable and recommend you read it.

Here’s a summary of this week’s content:

  • How HR-L&D collaboration enhances employee development
  • The current and future state of AR & VR training
  • The role of problem-solving in career advancement
  • Unprofessional email mistakes you should avoid
  • Insights into Learning Experience Design (LXD)

How Our Worlds Collide: Leveraging HR—L&D Collaboration
The article by Pam Hogle explores the significant benefits of collaboration between HR and L&D teams, including enhanced employee development, effective training tailored to individual and organizational needs, and a holistic approach to performance management.

The Past and Future of Enterprise XR Training
This article by Nick Day highlights the significant growth and transformative potential of AR & VR (XR) in enterprise training, detailing advancements in hardware, collaborative successes, and real-world applications that enhance learning outcomes and operational efficiency.

The Weight And Fulfillment Of Problem-Solving
This article by Pedro Canahuati examines the links between problem-solving and career advancement, emphasizing the importance of tackling challenges head-on, embracing failure as a learning opportunity, fostering a culture of curiosity and continuous learning, and the critical role of building diverse teams to spur innovation.

Did You Get This? 14 Unprofessional Email Mistakes I’d Avoid at All Costs
This article by Mandy Bray highlights common email errors and proposes actionable solutions; it equips readers, including L&D professionals, with the tools to foster clearer, more respectful, and professional email exchanges, thereby improving overall organizational communication.

Understanding Learning Experience Design (LXD): Three learning leader perspectives
This article by Les Howles explores the evolving practice of Learning Experience Design (LXD), collecting insights from Michael Allen, Megan Torrance, and me.  The article highlights its emergence as a distinct field within learning design and technology, driven by the need for more engaging and immersive learning experiences. It examines its current state, challenges, and potential.

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