SkyPrep, a service provider in the learning management system (LMS) industry, has officially launched its standalone sister product, BoostHQ. While they both target the learning and development sectors, SkyPrep is geared toward formal, structured learning while BoostHQ helps facilitate informal, on-demand social learning and collaboration. With the new addition to its product portfolio, SkyPrep is uniquely positioned to accommodate the full spectrum of learning and development as it happens in organizations today—both long-term and structured formal training, as well as ongoing peer-to-peer and social learning, are now fully supported.

“After talking to a lot of our [SkyPrep] users, we realized that many were looking for a service that would allow them to promote learning in an environment less formal and structured than a full LMS. They wanted to create a community where employees are encouraged to share thoughts and experiences around learning content, facilitating peer-to-peer learning,” says Sepand Barkhodaee, chief product officer for BoostHQ. “We took their feedback and started to develop a platform that would meet their needs. After many iterations and updates, we’ve finally arrived at a product that we’re happy with—one that could solve their issues better than anything we’ve seen before.”

BoostHQ makes it easy for organizations to share content and knowledge by breaking down walls separating departments and teams and tapping into the wealth of knowledge found in employees.

Make knowledge accessible to employees by building a community where content can be easily shared and viewed by everyone in an organization. Being a cloud-based service, BoostHQ and all uploaded content are available anywhere with an internet connection.

Promote engagement with threaded discussions, polls, Q&A sessions, and more. Content is only useful if people interact with it, and BoostHQ provides everything needed to pique interest, drive engagement, and see results.

Powerful analytics allow administrators to see exactly what is, and what isn’t, working. No more second-guessing about whether employees saw value in shared content—BoostHQ will answer that, and more.

Come meet the SkyPrep team and see BoostHQ in action at DevLearn 2017 Conference & Expo, Booth 115. DevLearn is October 25 – 27 in Las Vegas, Nevada.