Indusgeeks leads today’s training industry with technology-driven solutions leading to faster learning and better retention. Current training programs are grossly outdated, with text-heavy presentation and lecture-based training. Indusgeeks brings the relevant technology and science to the industry, promising the most engaging learning experience for your users. Based in the Silicon Valley, Indusgeeks prioritizes emerging technology trends and incorporates them into its training solutions to help improve users’ learning experience and, ultimately, their productivity. Indusgeeks has spent a decade streamlining the training process for Fortune 1000 companies, governments, and universities worldwide.

Using the proprietary INIT (Interactive, Narrative, Immersive Training) platform, Indusgeeks can create rich, engaging, and immersive training programs that can be deployed across the technological spectrum, from mobile games to computer screens and even virtual reality and augmented reality platforms. The INIT platform is the most complete interactive training package on the market. It offers traditional browser and computer-based training, mobile and tablet-based training, and even augmented reality and virtual reality–based training solutions. Because content for each of these media can be created and ported through INIT, Indusgeeks offers every business access to the latest emerging training technologies with training solutions tailor-made to suit their needs.

As Indusgeeks has widened the breadth of training technologies available to all companies, their deep expertise in the industry has only amplified. Today, with the complete INIT package, they have the ability to combine their experience in serious game development with the optimal learning technology suited for your organization’s specific use case. It has been established based on the nature and objectives of the training material, the platform of optimal delivery may vary. For instance, VR training is a cost-effective and efficient solution for organizations that require manufacturing training. It rids the requirement of expert service engineers by training local crews to be deployed for specific maintenance and service operations. Using VR training avoids the cost of repairing expensive equipment that has been damaged by untrained personnel. It enables the learner to gain the required skills without disturbing the production process.

Indusgeeks CEO Sid Banerjee commented, “INIT is the most comprehensive interactive platform. It frees companies to put their learners first and utilize the best possible training methods for faster learning and better retention. Indusgeeks will support you across the entire learning continuum and transform your training materials into an engaging, effective, game-based solution.” Indusgeeks’ leadership in the industry was recognized by a Brandon Hall Award (2016), the gold medal for Best Use of Games and Simulations for Learning.

Indusgeeks will be showcasing its latest VR training programs on October 25 and 26 at DevLearn 2017. Stop by the booth and check out the most cutting-edge training solutions available today. See how Indusgeeks can transform your organization’s training content into custom-built, interactive, game-based training programs.

About Indusgeeks

Indusgeeks is a Silicon Valley­–based company that has helped Fortune 1000 companies, governments, and universities to transform their training content for the Millennial workforce. Indusgeeks began producing virtual reality and game-based training solutions for the global workforce in 2007. The multiple award-winning company announced its latest award—the 2016 Brandon Hall Group Gold Award for Best Use of Games and Simulations for Learning, earned for a soft-skills sales training and recruitment skills training program developed for a large insurance company. The all-inclusive INIT platform results in a major cost reduction for businesses to provide a wide, varied spectrum of training programs to engage and motivate their employees.

Indusgeeks has been a pioneer in designing world-leading simulations and game-based training for Fortune 1000 companies, governments, and universities over the last decade. Being Silicon Valley–based, Indusgeeks leads the training industry with technology-driven solutions. It showcased upgrades to the award-winning INIT platform at FocusOn Learning 2017. The platform, INIT (Interactive, Narrative Immersive Training), was created to enable corporations to easily transform their legacy content into engaging game-based solutions. Game-based training is fast becoming the norm to engage Millennial learners. With INIT, you can create unique training solutions for a variety of business processes and soft skills, in communication, compliance, conflict resolution, and leadership development.

Indusgeeks, a global leader in game-based training and gamification solutions, last year announced its newest major enhancement to the multi-award-winning INIT training platform with the addition of INIT VR and INIT AR at DevLearn 2016. The platform, INIT (or Interactive Narrative Immersive Training), was created to help enterprises convert their existing eLearning content into game-based training solutions for a variety of business processes, across industry types. With virtual reality enhancements to the INIT platform through INIT VR, the company is pioneering the development of next-generation training experiences using VR devices, ranging from the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive to cost-efficient VR platforms like Google’s Cardboard VR. Through INIT AR, the company also aims to showcase the training potential of augmented reality and mixed reality experiences, using devices such as Microsoft’s HoloLens and mixed reality–capable smartphones and tablets.