Agile Literacy is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of Gelling, an innovative browser game that utilizes agile practices to teach teams the skills they need to become efficient and deliver great products on time, every time.

Gelling is a multiplayer online game that unlocks the potential of your team. Combined with popular and successful agile practices, Gelling can improve the focus, commitment, and motivation of your team. It encourages and develops open communication and problem-solving skills, builds trust and respect, and helps teams achieve a level of quality they may not be able to reach alone. In short, Gelling drives all of the behaviors needed to create a perfect team.

Unlike other online training platforms, Gelling is designed specifically with distributed teams in mind. This fills a need in the online training game market by removing the obstacle that widespread locations pose to effective teamwork. Team members must work together to solve puzzles within prescribed time limits to progress through the game, and members who fall behind or fail to complete their tasks will affect overall team performance. Each puzzle has been created to foster commitment, cooperation, collaboration, and coordination so that participants learn to strategize together.

Why settle for average teams when you can use Gelling to inspire them to move from simply forming to max velocity performing—and deliver epic projects every single time? Grow talented teams with Gelling, the innovative new interactive training game from Agile Literacy. Learn more at