Axonify, an innovator in the corporate learning space, announced today the introduction of Axonify DiscoveryZone, a groundbreaking component of its Employee Knowledge Platform that will change the way organizations and employees create, present, curate, and access valuable content. DiscoveryZone provides employees with two-click, 10-second access to relevant knowledge in order to drive desired job actions and improve business performance.

In the modern workplace, employees constantly share informal learning and information, which is not being captured in a meaningful or repeatable way. When employees retire or move to another team, they take valuable knowledge with them. This prevents other employees from quickly and easily accessing it, creating a knowledge problem in the organization. As the pace of business continues to accelerate, the ability to deliver relevant information to workers on-demand is emerging as a critical differentiator. When employees have the information they need at their fingertips, they can be more effective and successful at their jobs, which, in turn, drives performance.

Recently, Axonify introduced the world’s first employee knowledge platform—an award-winning solution built with the fundamentals of brain science, adaptive learning, gamification, microlearning, and knowledge-on-demand at its core. With the addition of DiscoveryZone, Axonify is challenging long-held thinking around management of digital content (knowledge) in the workplace, which has historically been focused on a closely controlled, “store and manage” model that ultimately leads to a digital graveyard of hard-to-find, irrelevant content. Unlike enterprise wikis and intranets that can grow into jungles full of dated and stale information, DiscoveryZone meets the needs of today’s learner, providing a social environment with smart search capabilities and instant access to relevant, crowdsourced, and rated content where peer recognition and reputation building is built in.

Axonify DiscoveryZone is a dynamic repository of knowledge that is populated by subject matter experts and crowd­sourced by the employee community. It challenges organizations to rethink their enterprise knowledge strategy, giving them the ability to capture the rich available resources of knowledge and expertise within their organization, and to make information available at the exact moment employees and leaders need it for their jobs. This, in turn, allows employees to get the knowledge they need to perform at their best, which has a significant and measurable impact on business results.

“We developed DiscoveryZone because organizations are struggling to unlock the full potential of their greatest asset—the collective knowledge of their employees,” said Axonify president and CEO Carol Leaman. “Knowledge-on-demand has a dramatic impact on workplace effectiveness, and our mission is to make instant access to the best internal resources a reality so employees can spend less time searching for information and ‘rebuilding the wheel,’ and more time actually being productive. It’s the most powerful solution out there for helping businesses solve challenges related to incorrect or insufficient knowledge permeating their workforce.”

Axonify DiscoveryZone builds a bridge between experts, learning professionals, and employees that facilitates knowledge exchange and sharing. Employees get instant access to the right information they need to do their jobs, instead of searching externally for information that likely doesn’t align with corporate standards. It is a gamified, easy-to-use, integrated community and resource library designed for employees to:

  • Access relevant reference materials, assets, and tools at the moment they need it (desktop, mobile app, or POS)
  • Contribute valuable knowledge and information through a variety of media including video, images, PDF, and text
  • Crowdsource topics with colleagues, and rate each other’s contributions
  • Request new content according to job needs
  • Receive recognition for their contributions to DiscoveryZone

Research firm Gartner predicts that by 2018, more than 80 percent of organizations will leverage user­-generated content as part of their corporate learning strategy. The dynamics of content generation have shifted in the digital workplace, but managing content remains a priority for most organizations. As enterprise content continues to expand, it cannot be dealt with using a rote “contain and manage” approach. Organizations need solutions that provide insight and intelligence, enabling enterprises to leverage content to meet their individual needs.

“The digital workplace underlines a fundamental change in thinking about content—that there is no place where content is not generated or used in the enterprise,” said expert Bob Mosher. “In other words, it isn’t enough to manage content; digital business depends on exploiting content to advance its objectives.”

About Axonify

Axonify is pushing beyond the boundaries of eLearning with the introduction of the world’s first Employee Knowledge Platform. Powerhouse brands like Walmart, Toyota, and Johnson & Johnson are leveraging the Axonify platform to fuel their employees with the knowledge they need to be successful on the job. Built with the fundamentals of brain science, adaptive learning, gamification, microlearning, and knowledge-on-demand at its core, the award-winning Axonify Employee Knowledge Platform is proven to encourage employees to take the right actions—ultimately driving business outcomes that increase revenue or decrease expenses. Through its unique analytics and reporting capabilities, Axonify is the only solution that allows organizations to finally tie the impact of employee knowledge to behavior change to bottom line results. Axonify: Fuel your people + power your organization. Learn more at