701 Skill Intelligence: Beyond Business Intelligence

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Thursday, September 22

Business intelligence can be extremely valuable. It’s data that helps you better understand the market performance of your organization. While business intelligence metrics sometimes do point to operations, they also tend to be fairly blunt. They just explain “what”; today’s leading learning organizations value “how” more.

In this session, you will examine skill intelligence, a framework for exploring data about learning and growth. You will discover how skill intelligence can provide actionable insights behind business intelligence metrics. You will leave this session understanding how skill intelligence can create a framework for growth, both for the organization and for the individuals who work in it. 

Aaron Silvers

Manager, Analytics


Aaron E. Silvers helps teams achieve real-world outcomes with analytics strategies for high compliance, high accountability concerns. A common theme throughout his 20+ year career is an optimistic embrace of talent, emerging technology, and entrepreneurialism that charts learning & development paths towards measurable outcomes that scale.

Megan Bowe

Partner—Data Strategy


Megan Bowe, a partner in MakingBetter, is a learning technology product manager turned standards evangelist and data strategist. Championing data-driven design, Megan works on projects that require a bigger lens to bring learning, portability of data, and formative analysis into focus. At MakingBetter, Megan helps people design reporting, data strategy, and products. At Knewton, Megan managed APIs and integration strategies, bringing adaptivity into various learning applications. At Rustici Software, Megan helped to launch the Experience API. Megan is a founding member on the board of directors for the Data Interoperability Standards Consortium.

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